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Online games are controlled by a system whose security is based on regulations and professional standards. With these, the player is able to bet and play safely. Alpha Interactive regulates and supervises the systems and operations of the back office. The operation is performed on three levels which gives financial, technical and legal security.

Information regarding the owners' accounts is not subject to public disclosure. However, in some cases, this provision may be violated. This applies to situations where a user is suspected of fraudulent activity and a higher authority requests their details.

When registering at Bronze Casino, the player receives a personal account. In the Bronze casino, a login and password must be created by players to get bonuses, deposits, and withdrawals. If the gamer becomes aware that the information has become known to third parties, he should immediately inform the support service to get a new password. The telephone conversation between the user and the call centre agent is recorded.

Financial security

It is related to the following points:

  • Money transactions are carried out using control and security methods.
  • The login data is protected using SSL encryption (HTTPS). Encryption protects the information during transmission over the internet.
  • Password security. The account is verified before activation. An email is sent to the customer to verify the data provided during registration and then to confirm it.
  • Sometimes documents are requested. The casino requests it to verify the players' correctness information provided with a particular player's details.
  • Confidentiality regarding bank transfers. The credit card number shall not be disclosed to any third party under any circumstances.

Technical considerations

Positions of this kind can be reduced to the following points:

  • A random number generator is used. The arithmetic values are not related in any way, and it is impossible to predict their fallout.
  • The numbers are not linked to a mathematical algorithm, and everything depends only on luck.
  • The regulator constantly monitors the correctness of the device.

Legal Support

Alpha Interactive's work is carried out in compliance with legal restrictions. Permits are issued only after a thorough inspection of the proposed activity has been conducted. If irregularities are detected, the permit may be withdrawn. The security service reserves the right to verify data relating to the user at any time.